The Menu

Breakfast options

A veritable feast including fruit, homemade yoghurt, cereals, toast, spreads, juice and two delicious savoury wagon cakes heated in the microwave.  The breakfast is left for you in the wagon to enjoy at your leisure.


Dining Options

Perfect for those cooler evenings. Your delicious meals will be simmering away waiting for you to serve at your leisure. One Crock Pot per couple:

  • Beef & vegetable— a wonderfully hearty and warming combination

The Crock Pot is served with an entrée platter made up of cheeses, pickles, cold meats, breads, crackers & dips.

$100 per couple.


WAGON PLATTER (for two) — Cheeses, cold cuts, chutneys, spreads, dips, pate, fresh fruit, chocolates …  a sumptuous spread to snack away at all night long.

$65 per couple